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MLV Consulting is owned and operated by Martin Vella and specialises in small business development based on the philosophy of "Work Smarter".


Martin has over 20 years experience in business consulting from very large corporate companies right down to 1 person shows (Sole Trader). Martin has also worked in a number of small businesses so he understands exactly what it takes to run them profitably. Regardless of the size of a business, the basics are the same:


  *  Focus on your core strengths - what you do best.

  *  Create a Balance between Staff, Customers and your Business.

  *  Take advantage of Technology to improve performance and profit.

  *  Don't get left behind, stay a step ahead of your competitors.


Martin has also created a unique program for small businesses that makes everything simple and easy to understand. His approach is to work on the jobs that deliver the best and fastest outcomes for the smallest investment.

MLV Consulting - helping all kinds of small businesses and Tradies