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Business Planning


  • Q  - Do you have to 'plan' to have a strong and profitable business?


  • A  - Only if you want to stay in business for many years.

Like anything in life the first step is usually the hardest. Fortunately, planning is really easy and can take as little as 1 day.  You probably have ideas of what you want to be and where you want to go. MLV Consulting will help you refine your ideas and more importantly, help you measure and track them so they become a reality. 


Remember, we specialise in Working Smarter so you can rest assured that there is a benefit in every step we take. We will look at many parts of your business such as Quality, Paperwork/Automation and Successful Growth. During our 1st 1 hour fixed fee consultation we determine how we can help and what we would charge. You determine if and when you want to start.



Technology Health Check


As much as I hate to use jargon, I would like to introduce you to a something called Business Process Reengineering. This is a fancy way of saying we are going to simplify how you do things and take advantage of really low cost technology to make your business life easier, with an increase in billable hours or leisure time. You don't need me to tell you that the burden of running a small business doesn't end when you go home. Often you need to finish the paper work before you can truly knock off for the day.


We get that most small business owners are stretched and stressed. That's why MLV Consulting will help you with every technology step starting with your phone bill all the way through to setting up a Google optimised Website and everything else in between. We can even help you understand the basic concepts of accounting and how to use simple packages to track your business growth.

Quality - Delivering on the promise


Quality is everything about your business. From the way you look to the way you perform your work. Quality is not just about achieving some fancy and expensive accreditation.

People often ask me 'What is the definition of Quality?" Because the answer varies according to whom you speak to, I try and keep my answer simple - It is delivering what you promised to deliver, when you promised to deliver it, at the price you agreed upon. 

This sounds simple but the number of people and companies who get this wrong is huge. Repeat business from happy, satisfied customers is what will keep you in business long after your competitors have gone broke.


MLV Consulting will guide you through the steps that will put your business at a competitive advantage and stand out from the rest.

If you have staff or are planning to have staff, you have a whole new set of issues to deal with. How often do you hear the saying, "The customer comes first"? Recently a very famous businessman said, "Your staff should come first". Through our experience we have found a huge difference between what is "said" and what is "done". 


We want to turn this conversation on its head. It is Balance that is critical and no one element should be stronger or more important than the other.


In order to achieve maximum profit it is important to understand where profits come from. In short it is the customer. Why would a customer part with their money? Because they have received a (hopefully) good product or service and usually it's because your employees made it happen.


That's why the answer is Balance. Nothing exists for long without some balance. MLV Consulting will help you create a solid foundation to achieve that Balance. 

Growth Preparation and Planning


The foundation of a great business